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Cucurbit Downy Mildew Forecasts - Wednesday, September 20, 2017

*** Epidemic Update - 20 September: New report from NH. CDM has been confirmed in Stafford County, NH. Please view the Epidemic History for details. ***

*** Epidemic Update - 15, 18 September: No new reports. Please view the Epidemic History for details. ***


Regional Weather: Eastern North America

Mostly dry; showers possible some areas. High pressure lies over the east-central / eastern U.S. with fronts to the west over the Plains and to the north over the northern U.S. / southern Canada. Expect mostly dry weather. There's a chance of showers near the fronts as they lift north, and also in the South (mainly Tuesday). Tropical Storm Jose, now off the north-Atlantic coast, will continue to weaken and linger there. A few showers are possible in southern New England today. Highs in the 70s to 90s, lows mostly 60s and 70s.



Overview: Epidemic spread possible in a few areas scattered over eastern North America. Transport events during midweek tend to move near their respective sources plus a few other directions, depending on location. Conditions will be unfavorable, slightly favorable, or mixed and changing day to day. 

Risk prediction map for Day 1: Wednesday, September 20

Moderate Risk in southern FL, southwest MS, the FL panhandle, far southern AL, southwest GA, eastern OH, southeast NH, eastern MA, and RI. Low Risk for cucurbits in eastern CT, central MA, southern OH, western WV, northern and central AL, and deep south and eastern TX. Minimal Risk to cucurbits elsewhere.

Risk prediction map for Day 2: Thursday, September 21

Moderate Risk for southern AL, southern GA, the FL panhandle, southern FL, and southern SC. Low Risk for cucurbits in deep south and east-central TX, central and southern MS, central AL, northern and central GA, SC except the south, NC, southwest VA, and central MI. Minimal Risk to cucurbits otherwise.

Forecaster: TK at NCSU for the Cucurbit ipmPIPE - 2017