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Cucurbit Downy Mildew Forecasts - Wednesday, October 26, 2016

*** Epidemic Update - 17 October: No new reports. Please view the Epidemic History for details. ***

*** Epidemic Update - 7 October: New report from OH. CDM has been confirmed in Stark County, OH. Please view the Epidemic History for details. ***


Regional Weather: Central & Eastern U.S. / southern Canada

Unsettled North; mostly dry South. A low pressure system traverses west to east across the northern tier, with rain / snow North and a few showers elsewhere. Mostly dry otherwise. Warm most locations with highs 60s to 80s, lows 40s to 60s, and cooler readings across portions of the North.


Overview: Epidemic spread unlikely. The situation during midweek is similar to the one that occurred early-week. Cold temperatures and lack of host in the northern areas will keep risks very low. Host availability, scant chance of rain, and recent dry weather suppress the chances of epidemic spread in the southern areas.  

Risk prediction map for Day 1: Wednesday, October 26

Minimal Risk to cucurbits.

Risk prediction map for Day 2: Thursday, October 27

Minimal Risk to cucurbits.

Forecaster: TK at NCSU for the Cucurbit ipmPIPE - 2016