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Cucurbit Downy Mildew Forecasts - Monday, October 24, 2016

*** Epidemic Update - 17 October: No new reports. Please view the Epidemic History for details. ***

*** Epidemic Update - 7 October: New report from OH. CDM has been confirmed in Stark County, OH. Please view the Epidemic History for details. ***


Regional Weather: Central & Eastern U.S. / southern Canada

Dry most regions. High pressure dominates the weather picture. Expect sunny to partly cloudy skies and little to no precipitation. Scattered showers are possible in a few locations. A developing system will bring rain to the north-central areas late Tuesday. Temperatures will vary greatly, with highs from the 40s to 80s and lows from the 20s to 60s.


Overview: Epidemic spread highly unlikely. Temperatures are too cold through the North, where there's a chance of rain in some places. Elsewhere, unfavorable sky conditions and dry weather preclude any epidemic spread.  

Risk prediction map for Day 1: Monday, October 24

Minimal Risk to cucurbits.

Risk prediction map for Day 2: Tuesday, October 25

Minimal Risk to cucurbits.

Forecaster: TK at NCSU for the Cucurbit ipmPIPE - 2016